Thank you for the opportunity to serve the membership of the legendary Local 804. I will do everything in my power to validate your faith in me and my awesome team.

On New Year's Eve, we met with the outgoing board and I assigned specific transition tasks to each of my guys. I could only smile as I watched everyone diving right into the job at hand and looking to help each other. It was exactly what I envisioned when we started building the team.

We are working hard for you, on and off the shop floor. We met with UPS, Joint Council 16, and officers from other Teamster locals. We've spoken with the IBT, planned meetings and training classes, and we've hired the finest professionals available to represent our members.

The work is just beginning, but there are no challenges we won't meet head on. Soon, we will resume 804 supplement negotiations with UPS, and we will get you the best agreement we possibly can.

I've been approached by a few members. Of course, they are not shy. They've said " I didn't support you guys in the election."  I stop them right there to let them know I don't care who you supported in 2018, I want your support in 2019. In unity there is strength. Together we will do great things.

Fraternally yours,

Vincent Perrone