Don’t Let Harassment Turn You into a Runner. The heat is always on drivers to work faster.

UPS management is constantly adding stops to routes, and pushing package car drivers to increase production. UPS’s new technology makes the problem of harassment worse. With telematics, management can monitor drivers more than ever. Every day is a potential electronic OJS.

The best way to protect yourself is to follow pdf UPS’s methods (1.47 MB) .

There are plenty of reasons why some package car drivers take shortcuts: getting in early to see their family, keeping customers happy, avoiding hassles with management.

But running can get you into trouble: Management will always come back for more. They’ll add stops to your route and expect you to work faster and faster.
If you have an injury, you won’t be able to keep up your old pace. But management will still expect the same production from you. Rushing can lead to mistakes and accidents. Management will use runners to their benefit, but they won't allow mistakes.

Work Safe & Smart
Do what the methods say to do and focus on keeping a safe, even pace. Don’t take shortcuts.

Take your breaks at the appropriate times. Obey the posted speed limits. Follow the methods every day—whether or not management is breathing down your neck. Then they become second nature.

Dealing with Harassment in the Office
Following UPS’s methods is the best way to protect your job and your safety. But management may not be happy with your numbers. If management calls you into the office to talk about your work performance, be sure to bring a steward.

Answer management’s questions with clear simple answers. If they start asking you about something that happened days ago and you don’t know or don’t remember the answer to a question, just say so. Never make up an answer.

Stay calm, listen to what management has to say but don’t let them get to you. Then go out there and do your job right. Work safe and smart at a sustainable pace and protect your career at UPS.