Local 804 is one of the only Teamster Locals where package drivers cannot be forced to work a holiday. However, if the Air operation requires employees to work a holiday, after offering the work in seniority order, Air Drivers may be forced to work. 

Below is an explanation about how holiday scheduling is supposed to work.

Package Drivers

Package Drivers who work on holidays have the right to their 8-hour guarantee (paid at double time) plus the holiday pay.  This makes the day after Thanksgiving or New Year's Eve a triple time day.

Unlike a regular workday, if you volunteer to work the holiday, you must request the 8-hour guarantee in writing. 

Write a request, make a copy and give one to your manager and save one for your records.

Remember, for any other day, you do not have to request your guarantee: you are automatically afforded the opportunity to earn not less than eight hours pay.

Air Drivers

Air Drivers, whether part-time or full-time, have the right to their normal daily guarantee if you work on holidays. The daily guarantee is paid at double time. 

Seniority & Work Assignments on Holidays

Work on holidays must first be offered to full-time air drivers, before being offered to part-time air drivers.  After that, UPS can force part-time air drivers from the bottom of the seniority list, then full-time air drivers from the bottom of the seniority list.