2018-19 Local 804 Scholarship Winners

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Sydney Cohen
Sydney Cohen Sydney will be attending the University of North Carolina. She is the daughter of Driver Mark Cohen from the Foster building.
Sharfaa Sabir
Sharfaa Sabir Sharfaa will be studying at Rutgers University. Her father is N.Sabir, a Hub-Sorter at the 43rd Street building.
Samara McCallum
Samara McCallum Samara is headed to Carnegie Mellon University. Her father, Roger McCallum, is a Customer Counter Clerk at Foster.
Gabrielle Paul
Gabrielle Paul Leonard Paul’s daughter Gabrielle will be studying at the CUNY School of Medicine. Leonard is a Driver from the Spring Street Building.
Krista Ciccarelli
Krista Ciccarelli Michael Ciccarelli’s daughter Krista will be attending the Rochester Institute of Technology this fall. Michael is a tractor-trailer driver out of the Uniondale building
Melanie Garcia
Melanie Garcia Melanie will study at the New York Institute of Technology. She is the daughter of David Garcia, who does vehicle enhancement at the 43rd St building.
Donna Rivera
Donna Rivera Donna will attend the University of Rochester. Her father, Juan Rivera, is a Driver from the Melville Building.
Daniel Ruiz
Daniel Ruiz Daniel, son of Driver Wilson Ruiz from the 43rd St Building, will be attending New Paltz University.
Molly McLaughlin
Molly McLaughlin Paul McLaughlin’s daughter Molly will attend Yale University. Paul is a Driver out of the Farmingville Building.
Brian Pawlikowski
Brian Pawlikowski Brian will attend Boston University this fall. His father, Richard Pawlikowski is a Driver from Maspeth.