Teamster Center Services (TCS) is an important resource for Local 804 Health Fund participants. Founded in 1962, the center provides Teamsters with help in getting the right mental health, family counseling, substance abuse and rehabilitation services, both in-patient and out-patient.

This assistance program provides confidential advice and referrals and can assist with admissions and certification. The Center has a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) on staff to provide evaluations and case management for professional drivers.

SAP evaluations are free for any CDL driver in the Local 804 Health Fund. The Center’s SAP is there to assist members and make sure they are treated fairly and able to return to work as soon as appropriate.

TCS is a better alternative to company-provided assistance programs because it is strictly confidential – they work for Teamster members, not employers. Call (212) 235-5003 to contact Teamster Center Services.