Local 804 members at Trump Village unanimously ratified a new 5-year contract. The agreement preserves health benefits and pensions and provides annual raises as well as a signing bonus. By the end of the contract, weekly pay will increase by nearly $100.

Local 804 Secretary-Treasurer John Piccinich explained, “At the start of negotiations, members made clear that the top priority was ensuring that they maintained their benefits and that’s what this contract does.” The employer will increase payments to the Local 804 health benefit and pension funds and workers will continue to receive the same health and pension benefits at no additional cost.

Members also sought greater opportunities for advancement. For the first time, they will receive reimbursement for completing training courses that lead to relevant certifications.

To increase union strength, the contract adds an additional alternate shop steward. Local 804 Vice President Danny Montalvo added, “Not all of the contract gains are economic. We revised very outdated contract language to reflect the modern workplace and improve the lives of members. Trump village workers now have contract language that allows them to take extended unpaid leave in the case of serious illness or family emergencies as well as a stronger union presence on the job.”