By law, a trucking company has the option to follow either the 70-hour or 60-hour regulation. To offset the effects of fatigue, drivers are not allowed to drive if they have been on duty for 60 hours over the last 7 days, or 70 hours over the last 8 days. This is a federal rule and is therefore not a contract issue.

As in previous years, UPS has used the 70-hour rule for Feeder Department Drivers during peak season. This year UPS has decided to follow the 70-hour rule for Package Drivers as well. With record package deliveries this year, drivers are working longer hours and also more Saturdays. UPS has switched to the 70-hour rule during peak season to ensure that there are no violations of the rules. But regardless of whether they opt for the 70 (or 60) hour regulation, this does not mean a driver will work the maximum allowable hours.

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