Local 804 kicked off its contract campaign at the February 26th General Membership meeting. More than 400 members attended on Sunday, launching our mobilization for a fair contract.

We will face difficult negotiations and must be prepared to take on technology, counter company harassment and preserve our benefits. UPS Teamsters know what’s at stake and they know the whole world will be watching these negotiations because this is the largest and best private sector union contract in the country.

Local 804 President Eddie Villalta made it clear that we need every Local 804 member to get involved if we are going to win a contract that protects our membership and their families.

The IBT’s newly appointed Package Director, International Vice President Sean O’Brien, addressed Local 804 members at the meeting. O’Brien, who will be leading national negotiations, spoke about developing a strategy and heard from Local 804 members.

O’Brien pledged to create greater transparency and to negotiate on behalf on Local 804 members. He urged Teamsters to “fight the employer, not one another” and called on members to unite in order to protect, preserve and improve the UPS contract for the next generation

Local 804 is developing a member contract survey so that all members voices can be heard.