Local 804 held its first new member orientation Saturday, March 25th. Dozens of new UPS workers came to the union hall to meet Local 804 leaders, learn about the role of the union and have their questions answered.

Local 804 President Villalta said, “I am very pleased with the turnout. We had 40 new Drivers join us from all over the local. This was the first ever meeting to bring them together and explain their rights.” In addition to President Villalta, Vice President Danny Montalvo, Secretary-Treasurer John Piccinich, Trustee Rick Gomez, and Union Reps Alex Zelada and Tony Feitas explained what it means to be in a Union.

Also attending were Shop Stewards Domingo Herrera, Howie Seras, and Luis Marchena, who explained how critical it is to communicate with your Steward and the importance of Union representation.

Key issues were touched on, including; what union dues pay for; Pension, Annuity and Health Benefits; procedures for reporting accidents and injuries; doing the job right and safe; the 2018 UPS collective bargaining agreement and the importance of unity.

New members are our future and it’s up to all of us to create a strong, unified union. Take a few minutes to introduce yourself to new workers and let them know the importance of belonging to a union!

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