PartTime group

For the first time in Local 804 history, a special membership meeting was held at the union hall to discuss the specific needs and concerns of UPS Part-Time workers. Over 50 attended! Shop Stewards and members discussed how best to protect their jobs and strengthen the union.

Joe Forcelli, the first Local 804 Part-Time UPS member to be elected Business Agent, said, “We had a great meeting Saturday! We met with our members that have part time shifts at UPS and who deserve the same level of representation as all Local 804 members. There was great dialog and a good question and answer session. For me, it was a great opportunity to share the knowledge I gained from nearly 20 years’ experience working and representing the very shifts these members are now working. I look forward to many more of these meetings as we prepare for contract talks that will speak to part-time concerns as never before in our local!”

Local 804 Trustee Wally Weidtman opened the meeting, followed by Safety Director and Union Representative William Riley Fernández. Riley highlighted the importance of practicing unionism and of controlling the work. He said, “As Teamsters there are more of us than them at UPS! We are stronger in unity!" Business Agent Kenny Hoskey explained the importance of the Weingarten Rights and Article 4. Business Agent Joe Forcelli discussed the Panel System and properly handling grievances.

Many shop stewards, including Curtis Cooper, Rohan Colville, Bill Lynch, Chris Williamson, Kamal Kaalund, and Kioma Forero and Alternate Shop Steward Kimani Desire, actively participated in the meeting.

Trustee Dwight Philips spoke of the rich history of rank & file members and our legacy. Union Representative Tony Freitas and Local 804 activist Kenton Statia addressed the membership as well. It was a great and historic day. Part-timers and all warehouse workers are the backbone of UPS and we recognize the power that we have together as Teamsters!


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