The Local 804 Delegation at the Teamster National Black Caucus Conference.  From left: Business Agent Mark Johnson, Shop Steward Darryn Maddicks, Organizer Kenroy Statia, Business Agent Ken Hoskey and Trustee Dwight Phillip.

Local 804 was well represented at the 42nd Teamster National Black Caucus’s Educational Conference.  The theme was “empowerment through education is a bridge to future” with a focus on new organizing.

Local 804 Trustee Dwight Phillip said, “Maintaining and growing our union requires building strong alliances – both within and across the labor movement and in the communities in which we live.  As Teamsters, we must continually fight for greater equality and economic opportunity for all workers. Our future, whether it be our next contract or the survival of the middle class, depends on it.”

Local 804 Business Agent Ken Hoskey added, “It was great to have the opportunity to meet with Teamster brothers and sisters from across the country.  The organizing presentations provided us with concrete ways to organize and educate in order to strengthen our union.”

Caucus members are united by their concerns for the rights and conditions of workers. Working within the framework of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Constitution, the TNBC addresses pressing issues confronting black workers ranging from increasing union participation to outreach to the African-American community and other communities of color.

Teamster International Vice President Gregory
Floyd addressed the crowd.