Zamot Mayor Cruz det

Local 804 members have been deeply moved by the plight of the people in Puerto Rico struggling to survive in the wake of Hurricane Maria.   With the island’s infrastructure obliterated, residents have gone weeks without access to electricity, food, clean water and medication.  When the call came for volunteers, two Local 804 UPS members, Shop Steward George Zamot, Brush Ave., and Carlos Perez, 43rd Street Feeder, didn’t hesitate.

Joined by hundreds of other skilled union members, Zamot and Perez flew out of Newark Airport on October 4th to join the recovery effort.  Teamsters Joint Council 16 coordinated the effort to get Teamsters with CDL licenses to the island in order to deliver supplies from the ports to distribution centers though out the island.

Local 804 President Eddie Villalta explained, “So many Teamsters have family and friends effected by the hurricane.  Union members are taking action.  Brothers Perez and Zamot are true heroes.  They are sacrificing their own comfort and safety to fix a humanitarian crisis. On behalf of all Local 804 members, I thank them for their selfless actions.  They are an inspiration to all of us.”

While not every one is able to go to Puerto Rico to volunteer, there are many ways to help.  Members can donate items to our Local's hurricane relief supply drive or give to the Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund.


Airport recovery crew