804 Welfare Fund

Beginning January 1st, Local 804 retirees will pay less for their health care with no reduction in benefits.  The new retiree health premium payments are as follows: Single retiree reduced to $200 per month; Retiree plus one dependent reduced to $300 per month; and Retiree plus 2 or more dependents reduced to $450 per month.

To keep your costs down, all 804 participants – retired, active and dependents – are strongly encouraged to use health care providers and facilities within the Blue Cross network.  To find out if a doctor or lab is contracted, go to the Local 804 Fund website or check the Welfare Trust Fund’s App.

Local 804 Welfare Fund Trustees have also doubled the optical benefit for active members and their dependents.  The benefit was increased to $250.

Earlier this year, active and retired members were given the option of filling maintenance prescriptions (90-day supply) at Walgreens or Duane Reade pharmacies for the same cost as using Express Scripts home delivery.