804 177 photo

Winning a fair contract takes all of us fighting together - one voice, one union.  Local 804’s leadership has been reaching out to UPS Locals across the country to strengthen our alliances as we head to the bargaining table.  President Villalta said, “While there are differences between Local supplements and benefits, every UPS worker wants the same thing: fairness on the job and a good contract.  By working closely with other UPS Locals, including IBT Local 177 in New Jersey, we are creating a united front.  Our goal is to lift all Teamsters.”

The Local 804 Negotiation Committee is meeting with UPS this week to begin contract negotiations.   Local 804 Vice President Danny Montalvo said, “Our committee has been pouring through member surveys for the past month.  These form the basis for Local 804’s demands.  It’s important for the company to know that our proposals come directly from our members and that we stand with all of our UPS brothers and sisters.” 

Local 804 President Eddie Villalta and 804 Trustee Rick Gomez recently met with the leaders of Teamster Local 177. Historically, before the National UPS Contract, Local 804 bargained jointly with area Teamster Locals.  Working together, Locals 804 and 177 achieved many gains, such as pension and health benefits, higher wages and worker protections.  While we can’t go back in time, we can learn from our past:  Solidarity Works!