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Local 804’s Contract Negotiating Committee resumed supplement negotiations with UPS on January 18th and 19th. The Union had cancelled December sessions after the company violated the contract by forcing and threatening drivers to work a sixth day.

Local 804 President Eddie Villalta opened the January 18th session pointing out the company’s record high profits and projected growth. He emphasized the critical role Local 804 members play in UPS’s continued success but, he said,” Long hours, workload, stress and uncertainty at work create work-family conflict and are pressing concerns for our members. Creating a fair balance is the focus throughout our negotiations.”

Villalta explained, ”UPS’s proposals totally disrespect our members. The company wants more for less. They need to understand that workers have created the wealth that their executives and shareholders take for granted.”

The Local 804 Negotiation committee reports that the union and company are far apart, with UPS demanding givebacks and attempting to roll back decades of union gains. The company’s theme so far has been “flexibility” and the union’s has been “family”. There is a great divide. Their flexibility would mean we will not see our families.  The Company has made proposals to:

  1. Create Part-Time Drivers
  2. Create a split workweek where Local 804 members can work any 5 days in a 7-day period.
  3. Allow the company a flex start throughout the week.
  4. Remove Day after Thanksgiving as a holiday.

These are just a few examples of the company’s outrageous proposals, which also undermine seniority rights.

The Union negotiating committee is committed to reaching a contract that enhances and protects our member’s wages, benefits and working conditions – the priorities that Local 804 members set in our contract survey.  The next session is scheduled for February 15th. We will continue to keep you updated on the contract negotiations.

---Local 804 Contract Negotiating Committee.

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