Our supplemental committee is “of the people” in all job classifications and our proposals are “by the people” from thousands of proposal submissions. Our initial proposals lay out members' priorities.

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Here are the highlights:

Harassment and Grievances

  • Improved language for the use of technology to impose discipline
  • Better protection from OJS related discipline
  • Impose time limit for MVDC related discipline
  • Increase UPS/804 panel meetings to hear more contract grievances.
  • Right to strike if the Company doesn’t comply with Panel Decisions.

Overtime and Schedule

  • Double pay for Sundays and Holidays during peak season
  • Shorter Free Period for all classifications
  • Stricter penalties for failure to adjust excessive overtime
  • Increase vacation and sick days for full and part-time members
  • Increased hourly guarantee for part-time members
  • Longer and additional break for part timers
  • More request loads
  • Report pay for part-timers in training for a full time position
  • Scheduled Off’s/RDO’s to result in pension contributions
  • Earlier Vacation scheduling

Protecting Our Work

  • Positions at new facilities filled by seniority
  • Seniority attained in 30 in 60 not 40 in 70
  • End sub-contracting for car washers and porters
  • Stop displacement of car washer and inside positions by Temporary Alternative Work
  • Training for members seeking Package Driver positions
  • Notify shop Steward in writing at the point employee attains seniority
  • Increased penalties for supervisors performing bargaining unit work, and not informing the union when supervisors work as currently required
  • Limit the amount of relief employees on any individual Feeder schedule to 10 percent
  • Restore Coffee time for all package car drivers

These are among the first of the Unions Proposals. There is a great divide between our proposals and UPS’s contract proposals. The company wants to roll back decades of Local 804 gains while our committee is fighting to protect and improve members’ lives – both on and off the job. We are closely monitoring the Master Agreement negotiations for areas we may need to further strengthen our 804 Supplement. We will continue to keep the membership informed on the supplemental negotiations