Howard Marjie Seras

Who hasn’t thought about how great it will be to finally retire? Local 804 members work hard for their retirement benefits – pension, 401k and health. Preserving benefits is always a top priority in contract negotiations. Careful planning will go a long way toward enjoying a happy and secure retirement. That’s why Local 804 provides members with free professional financial planning.

Seminars are held each fall and spring. Retiree Howard Seras, a former Local 804 Shop Steward and Driver at Mt. Vernon, has always considered himself to be a serious planner. But, as he explained, “I don’t know everything. I knew how I wanted to retire, but I needed guidance on how to make it happen.”

Seras began planning years before his projected retirement date and attended union-sponsored seminars with Halladay Financial advisors. They told him exactly what he needed to consider and decide in order to create a realistic plan. He said, “They asked the hard questions and they gave honest answers.” The seminars and one-on-one counseling have helped him and his wife to live very well in their retirement. Seras says that he and Margie, “Are living the dream.”

Upcoming Seminars:
Elmsford - Mar. 17th
**New Date - Long Island City - April 8th
Hauppauge - April 21st