City Harvest vote det

After months of tough negotiations, Local 804 members unanimously approved a new contract. City Harvest members won substantial raises, additional paid days off and retro pay. In addition to higher wages, they will also maintain their health and retirement benefits.

The main issue was pay. Local 804 President Eddie Villalta said, “The company wanted to cap wages, but members made clear they needed more.” The union’s negotiation committee stood strong and the company finally agreed to annual raises totalling more than 16% over five years. Under City Harvest's step program, some employees may receive more than 25% raises.

City Harvest Shop Steward and negotiation committee member Donte Moore said,” The union got us nice percentage raises and a good incentive program. Our union lawyer fought like a bull.”

Safe Driving Pay
The company is also creating a pilot program to reward safe drivers. For each quarter that a driver avoids preventable accidents, a $250 bonus will be issued for up to $1,000 for the year. The trial is set to run this year and will be evaluated for 2019.