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The original mission of the Local 804 Federal Credit Union has not changed: To provide quality financial products aimed to enhance the well-being and quality of life of our membership through encouraged thrift, savings, and the wise use of credit.

Today, thousands of Teamster Local 804 and 808 union members and their families belong to the credit union and benefit from the low-cost professional services offered.

Unlike a traditional bank, the Credit Union is a not for profit, so the bottom line is providing the best financial products – including checking and savings accounts, loans, insurance and credit cards – at the lowest costs to members. Each member is a part owner and has a vote. In addition to paying lower fees and interest rates, many members have been pleased to find that the Credit Union has been willing to approve loans that commercial banks refused.

Trevco Adlam detTrevco Adlam, a member since 2013, said, “The credit union is much better to use than going through a bank. I got the personal attention that I needed. The credit union was the only one that gave me the amount needed to buy the car I wanted. The credit union is very helpful and caring.”

While guided by their original philosophy, the Credit Union has continually modernized, adding products and technologies important to today’s members such as on-line banking, on-line loan applications and a network of no-fee ATMs.

Local 804 Federal Credit Union President Jahaira Guerrero reported,” With $17 million in assets, the Credit Union has a strong net worth and is considered ‘well-capitalized’. Our Credit Union is financially sound and is poised to expand.”

Timothy kopp DetMany members have never gone back to using traditional banks. Timothy Kopp explained, “I have been a member of Local 804 Federal Credit Union for 30 years. I cannot fully express how helpful they have been to me and my family. They have always been there whenever I needed help with any and all financial matters over the years. I’ve had several loans and the staff were always helpful. To this day, I use the credit union for all my banking needs. I never used a bank my whole career—only the credit union.”

To learn more about the Local 804 Federal Credit Union, and to sign up for an account on-line, go to or call 718-878-4624.