mar Comm meeting detail

The Local 804 Supplemental Contract Negotiation Committee has met numerous times with management over the past few months.  But to date, talks have not resulted in any areas of agreement.

pdf Download the List of Local 804 Demands (256 KB)

Our committee is not backing down on members’ priorities, including:

  • Protecting and strengthening pension and health benefits, including 25 and Out

  • Creating more full-time job,  more opportunities for part-timers and a higher starting rate.

  • Eliminating outside contractors and creating more 804 jobs.

  • Protecting members from harassment and stopping the misuse of dishonesty language.

  • Stopping excessive overtime and defining the workweek as Monday through Friday or Tuesday through Saturday.

Local 804 President Eddie Villalta explained, “This is a marathon, not a sprint.  If UPS thinks they are going to wear us down with repeating their ridiculous givebacks, they are sadly mistaken.” 

The 804 Contract Committee has so far rejected every company proposal.

“Management’s proposals have been dead on arrival,” said Local 804 Vice President Montalvo, “We aren’t going to accept longer hours for less pay or the creation of more part-time jobs. Our objective is to preserve and improve the language we have.”