cease Desist det

In violation of the contract and an arbitrator’s ruling, UPS management at the Foster Avenue building has been using part-time workers to do the work of full-time DCAP clerks. On May 3rd, Local 804 President Villalta sent a letter to UPS stating, “.. the Union hereby invokes the provisions of the CBA, including Article 18, Section 4 of the Supplemental Agreement, and will take any action it deems appropriate under the circumstances, as permitted by that provision, including work stoppage or strike.”

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Villalta called on the company to immediately cease and desist.  He explained,”Local 804 members are sick and tired of the company’s games.  They need to stop now.  We will use every legal means we have to enforce our contract.  We aren’t going backwards. That is why we are demanding the creation of more full-time jobs in our next contract.”