Focusing on members’ top priorities of harassment and discipline, the Local 804 Bargaining Committee resumed contract negotiations with UPS On June 14th and 15th. At the prior meeting, Local 804 presented the Company with its Article 12 Discharge or Suspension proposal. This proposal was in response to the Company’s repeated violation of Article 12.

The union Proposal would limit “non-working” discharges to drinking on the job and theft of money or merchandise. This would eliminate the abusive liberty the company has taken in its interpretation of “dishonesty”. The Company gave the Union a proposal that would broaden the causes of dismissal under a new umbrella term: “offenses of a serious nature”. The union promptly called this and other proposals “outrageous”. The committee recognizes that the members of Local 804 are employed in the growing and competitive shipping industry. We all encourage that growth and are proud to be a part of it. However, that growth cannot compromise the lives and families of the members of Local 804 - and that’s what the Company’s proposals would do.

The Union submitted an amended proposal designed to ensure a fair OJS ride. Additionally, the Union submitted amended proposals to shorten the wait for vacations after the 3rd week and for more holiday pay. The committee continues to be committed to coming to an agreement with meaningful gains and protections for the membership.