This past week, Local 804 joined many other locals that were brought to Minneapolis, Minnesota in hopes of reaching tentative Supplemental Agreements. Simply put, Local 804 and UPS do not agree.

Local 804 has put forth fair proposals that would make sure full and part-time members benefit from the hard work that makes the UPS brand so successful. UPS has seen its annual revenue nearly triple since Local 804 and IBT General President Ron Carey led the fight for a strong contract in 1997.

There is no reason, given both the current economic success and the strong future growth outlook for UPS, that our Supplement be in any way concessionary. Many of UPS’s proposals would be detrimental to what is currently protected in our contract. When it comes to preserving key language and fighting for better language, Local 804 must remain firm.

Local 804 presented a proposal to address the creation of 22.4 drivers that is part of the National Master Agreement. The proposal was designed to offer protections to existing jobs and classifications within Local 804 as a result of this new classification. The Union expects a response to this proposal at the next round of bargaining scheduled to take place this coming week.