43st Update

After a week of extensive negotiations, our Union Bargaining Committee again left the table without an agreement that we would put before the membership for a vote. Though the company is well aware of our reasonable demand to protect our members, they continue to seek unacceptable concessions.

The addition of Article 22.4 to the National Master Agreement has been at the forefront of UPS/Teamster concerns across the country.  When this new classification of driver was introduced, Local 804 made it a priority to include language in our Supplemental Agreement to address members’ concerns.

Local 804 brought many reasonable proposals to the table for our members to benefit from the hard work that has made the company so successful during the life of the existing contract. This success dictates that our Supplement should not be concessionary.

However, the Company is demanding scheduled Sunday and Holiday work for new employees hired after ratification.

The position of the Local 804 Bargaining Committee is that the new 22.4 classification in the tentative Master Agreement, along with UPS’s current ability to seek Sunday and Holiday volunteers at premium pay, is sufficient to meet the needs of the business.

The Company’s demand for Sunday and Holiday work is a concession that the Committee would not agree to. The Union is open to meet anytime with the Company to reach an agreement that would protect and improve the benefits and working conditions for our members.

We will keep members informed of any changes to the circumstances we face in future negotiations.