A judge has approved the settlement for UPS to pay Combo Workers for the travel time that they should have been compensated for over the years. Back pay will vary from member to member, depending on average time spent traveling and length of employment. Because Local 804 covered the legal costs, the entire $494,967 will go toward paying members.

With New York Labor law on our side, Local 804 took up the issue in 2016 and won travel pay. Through a successful grievance, UPS Combo Helpers are now paid for the time they spend traveling on the job. Determining back pay, however, required a lawsuit. Combo Helpers were represented by Local 804 Attorney Walter Kane.

Congratulations to our Combo Helpers on their victory – they deserve nothing less!

All UPS members, regardless of title or full or part-time status, should be paid for travel time.  If you have a question about travel pay, contact your union rep.