Laurelton votes no

Our voices have been heard! Local 804 members voted in historic numbers on the contract. More than 95% of Local 804 members voted NO on our Supplement - a higher percentage than any other Local.

The final ballot count was 50,249 against and 42,350 for the UPS National Agreement. The Local 804 Supplement went down 3,209 to 157.

We sent a strong message: UPS Teamsters deserve better!

A big thank you to everyone who pushed for our Local’s No vote. Your participation makes us strong.

We demand that the IBT National UPS Negotiation Committee restart contract negotiations. Get us a contract we can support: a deal with no 2-tier wages that protects and rewards all Local 804 members.

Local 804 organizers have been out for the past week speaking with members to get them involved and to get input into what our top negotiation priorities should be in the next round.

Fighting as one union, we have the power to win a national agreement and supplement that is better for Local 804 members!