No Means No!

vote yes or noUPS Teamsters made history when we voted to reject the 2018 agreement. Thanks to everyone who participated in Local 804’s “Vote No” push! Over one thousand more Local 804 members took part in the vote than in the 2013 contract vote. With a 95% no vote, we’ve made it clear that 804 members deserve a better contract.

Nationally, the master agreement went down 54% to 46%. But the IBT is telling us that the contract was ratified. It is undemocratic and it is unacceptable.

The IBT must respect the membership’s vote.

Our Local’s lead negotiator, Local 804 President Danny Montalvo, is demanding that the IBT do the right thing and return to the table to address members’ concerns. Any new agreement must go back to the membership for another vote.

Over the next couple days, Local 804 will be circulating a petition demanding that the IBT renegotiate the contract and bring it back to a vote of the entire UPS membership. 

  pdf Download the petition (54 KB) . Take a minute to sign it and return to your union rep.

The proposed UPS master agreement and our supplement were wrong for Local 804 members then, and they still are.  Our negotiating committee is ready to go back as soon as possible to bargain for a better supplement that protects all Local 804 members.

We must all mobilize now for a better deal.