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Despite three long days of serious negotiations, the Local 804 negotiating committee has still not reached an agreement on a new Supplemental Contract. The union’s committee is demanding that the company: 

  • Improve and protect our pensions
  • Stop the abuse of the dishonesty language in the contract
  • Create more 22.3 jobs
  • Increase part time sick days and break times
  • Protect Local 804 members from abuse of the national agreement on 22.4 jobs, including Sunday double time work.

The company has refused to agree to any of these issues.

When UPS’s lead negotiator said that they were disheartened by the committee’s refusal to give the company what they wanted, Local 804 President Danny Montalvo shot back, “We have gotten nothing from you, and we are not going to back down!”

Despite the fact that the IBT is implementing the National Master Agreement our negotiating committee remains solidly committed to reaching the best supplemental contract possible for Local 804 members. 

Negotiations are scheduled to resume late next week.

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