Pres Montalvo headshot

One Union – Moving Forward!

I am honored to serve as your Local President and to lead our negotiations. My main objective is to lead this union in the right direction. As one, we will reach our full potential: a powerful union that fights for what’s right. 

Mutual Respect
Too many workers face the horrors of racism and sexual harassment on the job. It isn’t right.

We must have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination, bullying or unfair treatment. That applies to supervisors on the job and leaders within our own union.

I recently terminated a union representative who admitted to inappropriate behavior towards women and people of color while working for Local 804. The majority of your executive board approved the termination. I commend them for tackling this issue head on.

Despite the union representative admitting to this conduct, the previous President took no action. I have a different view. I don’t care who you are – Black, White, Latino, Male, Female, Gay or Straight - we’re in this together and we must treat each other with respect. There is no second-class union brother or sister!

I am committed to transparency and to stepping up communications at every level of our union – and that means one set rules for everyone. Like all unions, Local 804 is under attack. I believe the best way to fight our enemies is to have a well informed and active membership that supports the union because they know it is doing the right thing.

As one union, we win. Join me in the fight for a stronger union and a better UPS contract!