Eddie Villalta

In Unity there is Strength!

As we look ahead to the 2018 UPS contract, I want our members to know that securing a good contract is my top priority. The key to our success depends on your involvement. I encourage you to be an active member. Fill out contract surveys, make your voice heard as we develop our demands. Get involved.

As the principal officer of Local 804, I will head up our negotiations with the other officers and our rank and file negotiators. I will not delegate these responsibilities to someone else. Our collective future depends on achieving a positive outcome to these talks. That’s why you elected me and that’s why I’ll be leading the Local 804 contract fight.

Since being elected Local 804 President, I have learned how some of the language that was negotiated as part of our supplemental contract during the last round of bargaining has not worked to create the permanent, full time jobs that they were intended to make.

Our fight will always be to create good paying, full time jobs.

Twenty years ago, I stood strong on the picket line during the nationwide UPS strike. That was a defining time for me and my Local 804 brothers and sisters. That strike made me a better union member and set me on the path toward becoming a union leader.

Our health fund and annuity are strong. And I’m proud to say today that our pension went from the red to the yellow zone and is moving in the right direction. But as we witness the failure of pension funds all around us, we are reminded that we must proceed cautiously and monitor our plan to achieve full rehabilitation – and the long-term survival of our pensions.

Protecting our pensions will be an important part of the 2018 UPS negotiations. Our pensions are something we fought for, we want it to be there when we retire.

That’s why it’s important that we secure good paying, full time jobs for our members. New members are the key to sustaining pensions for our retirees. It’s a cycle.

In closing, let me say that I cannot overstate the tremendous sense of loss we have endured with the passing of Wally Weidtman. Wally believed deeply that the trade union movement was the only real force fighting on behalf of working people in America and throughout the world.

On behalf of all his sisters and brothers I want to publicly thank Wally Weidtman, and the whole Weidtman family.

Let’s keep Wally’s legacy alive. In unity, there is strength. Together we will succeed.