Eddie Villalta

UPS Negotiations: Your Participation is Key to Victory!

As we approach the holidays, I want you to know that, two years into my administration’s term in office, your benefit funds are stronger than at any time in recent memory. And they are growing. Your annuity, health, and pension funds are all moving in the right direction.

At the same time, our membership is also growing. We have hundreds of new 804 brothers and sisters. UPS is opening new facilities in our jurisdiction. That means more full-time job opportunities, increasing Local 804 power in the barns and at the negotiating table. It also helps keep our pensions and other benefits secure.

Local 804 is going back to participating in negotiating the National UPS contract as part of the IBT’s National Negotiation Committee. We haven’t been part of national negotiations for more than a decade and you can be sure that your voice will be heard.

We have our rank-and-file committees to prepare for negotiating both the National and Supplemental Agreements. By involving our rank-and-file members every step of the way, we will get you the best deal possible. This is all of our contract and we are listening. Your involvement in the next couple of months is crucial – it is what the employer hates and fears most.

Our members are the key to exercising our power as we negotiate the 804 Supplemental Agreement. The yellow pages in our contract book are the Supplemental Agreement and the white pages are the National Agreement. In the 2018 contract talks, we will be at the negotiating table for both. Our voice will be heard in ways that it hasn’t been heard for a long time.

Your Executive Board and Union Reps are successfully wrapping up a lot of unfinished business left behind by previous administrations. We are winning grievances that have been open for years. And we are going to continue to do so.

In this round of bargaining for our Supplemental Agreement, we will be putting even more pressure on the company to settle grievances faster. UPS likes to play the delay game. We don’t play that!