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A Stronger Union!

Peak season is in full swing and every UPS member is working at capacity. We expect it, but we won’t allow our rights to be violated. If you believe that management has or is attempting to violate our contract, don’t hesitate to contact your steward or union representative. We are here to defend you and we can do that best if you remember to “work now, grieve later.”

As we approach the final month of 2016, I am awed by what we have already accomplished together. It has been great to visit our workplaces to get to know members and to see how we can best serve you. I thank everyone who has taken the time out of your busy lives to attend a union event or meeting.

I am proud to have settled contracts at Trump Village, City Harvest and PAE. All three were ratified without a single no vote. That’s because the members at these shops were involved in every step of the negotiation process. Member participation and solidarity are truly the keys to good contracts and a strong union.

And after years of neglect, we are finally getting critical repairs made to our union hall.
As new officers and union reps., we’ve had a lot to learn. But we’ve rolled up our sleeves and are doing the work needed to provide Local 804 members with the representation they deserve. We’re on it, but we can only take on our employers with members standing with us.

You have my word that this administration will keep working harder for you. On behalf of the Executive Board and Local staff, I wish each and every one of you and your family safe and happy holidays. We face many challenges and I believe we are building a strong foundation for the year ahead.