Local 804 is Stronger Than Ever

With this Administration’s first year in office, Local 804 is getting stronger and stronger. We are creating greater accountability, implementing procedures to run the local better and repairing our neglected union hall. Issues are getting resolved on the shop floor. BAs are in the shops resolving grievances. No one person can make a union stronger; it takes the hard work of many. From the officers and staff who have sorted through endless boxes of files and old grievances to the shop stewards who give up their free time so they can do their jobs better, we are building a stronger union.

While we are making progress, there have been unexpected challenges. The foundation of a democratic union is its constitution and by-laws. When we discovered violations by members of the previous executive board, we had no choice but to file charges. They have been afforded the chance to explain and defend themselves, but no one is above the law. I took an oath to uphold our constitution and by-laws and I will not violate it. Additionally, the election of President Trump puts us in uncharted territory. As his term unfolds, we will watch closely and hold him to his promises to make life better for workers.

Our biggest employer, UPS, can be very difficult. But we will not give up. Preparing for 2018 negotiations is my top priority. We can’t win a good contract without a strong steward network and a unified and informed membership. I will do my best to support stewards and to involve members. Together, we will be ready to fight for the contract we deserve.