Eddie Villalta, President, Principal Officer,Teamsters Local 804

Standing Together, Fighting One Fight!

UPS contract negotiations are heating up. We are back to the table after sending a strong message to management: we cancelled December negotiations to protest the way our members were being treated during the holiday rush.

Our message is: “We stand together, fighting for a fair contract that respects all our members and their families!”

Make no mistake, UPS is looking to take back gains we fought hard for both in the National Contract and our Supplemental Agreement. We won’t let that happen. And we let them know it!

I have done the job and understand the importance of fighting to keep what we have won and to win more on the job protections and security for our members.

The company is making record high profits. They need to understand that our members created the wealth they are enjoying. By fighting as one, we will succeed in getting our fair share.

We are a united front, both within our own Local and with other UPS Locals nationwide. That is the only way to get contracts that compensate our members fairly for all their hard work.

Moving in the Right Direction

Under the leadership of my administration, our Local is moving in the right direction. Our Pension Fund is healthy and growing, our Annuity is strong and our Health and Welfare Fund is doing great. These are all threatened by the demands UPS is making at negotiations. We will have none of that!

We will continue to move forward. One example of our progress is that for the first time in our Local’s history, our retirees will now benefit from reduced dental costs. This was accomplished through foresight and tough negotiating skills. We owe our retirees a debt of gratitude. They built this union into the fighting force that it is and we will never forget. Reduced cost dental coverage is our way of thanking them.

One for All, All for One

Our solidarity is the key to winning what we deserve in the National and Supplemental Contracts. It is crucial right now to show our solidarity.

It is up to each and every one of us to stand together, fight one fight and fight as one!