Teamsters Local 804 won the fight for travel pay. UPS Combo Helpers will now be paid for the time they spend traveling on the job. They will receive full pay going forward, as well as back pay. To receive back pay, Combo Helpers must fill out a questionnaire and return it to their Steward, Business Agent or to the Local 804 office.

Local 804 President Eddie Villalta said, “It wasn’t right for these workers to not be paid for all of their work. UPS’s policy effectively cheated them out of wages. With New York State labor law on our side, we took it up with management and won the grievance. Combo Helpers deserve nothing less.”

Back pay will vary from member to member, depending on average time spent traveling and length of employment. Combo Helpers are urged to complete and return the questionnaire as soon as possible.

All UPS members, regardless of title and full or part-time status, should be paid for travel time.  If you have a question about travel pay, contact your steward or business agent.

  pdf Download the Combo Helper Questionnaire (627 KB)