Persistence has paid off for Local 804 members. In violation of the contract, UPS did not provide 22.3 members with full-time work in the late 1990’s. The union arbitrated and in 2000 won back pay for workers for 1998 and 1999.

While the members welcomed their new full-time positions and back pay, they never received the correct pension credit for those years. Pat Gambino, one of the members whose pension was affected, brought the matter to Local 804 Trustee Rick Gomez in early 2016. Local 804 officers then acted to make these members whole.

The union succeeded in making the members’ case and got UPS management to provide full-time pension credits for the two years. These members will now have full pension credit dating back to 1998 and will receive, on average, $1,000 more a year in pension payments for the rest of their lives. Not only will it make their retirements a little more secure, the additional funding will help to strengthen the pension fund for all participants!