Report the Injury Immediately to Your Supervisor
. The law allows you 30 days to report an injury, but the longer you wait the more you allow the company to claim the injury took place off the job and you could be denied workers’ compensation.

Bring a Witness When You Are Reporting Your Injury. 
If management tries to discourage you in any way from reporting the injury, or retaliates against you for reporting an injury, contact Local 804 immediately. Just telling a supervisor is not a substitute for filling out an injury report.

Seek Medical Care Right Away.  
Call an ambulance if needed.  Do not hesitate to leave the job if necessary, but make sure you inform your supervisor. New York State Workers’ Compensation law allows you to choose your own doctor. The company may recommend a doctor, but it is your choice. pdf List of authorized Workers' Comp. Doctors (601 KB)

Get a Workers’ Comp Attorney. 
The Workers’ Compensation system is very complicated and very difficult to navigate without an attorney.  Local 804 has many attorneys that it works with in this area. Call your business agent to help you find an attorney that is familiar with our industry.

Recommended Attorneys

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