Local 804 has produced a Package Car Log Book to help you document your day and protect yourself from production harassment and unfair discipline.

Use the Log Book to keep a daily record of your route. It will give you the records you need to protect yourself if management gets on you about your numbers or tries to hold you to an unrealistic SPORH.

A fair day's work for a fair day's pay is what it's all about. United, we can hold UPS to the contract.

Contact your shop steward or the union hall at (718) 786-5700 to get your log book.

Tips for Using Your Log Book

  • Each printed page covers one week with a column for each day.
  • Use the charts to keep track of the factors that affect your numbers.
  • Use the blank pages between each chart to document unusual incidents, instructions by management, and other factors that might affect your work.
  • Keep your records on your time—not on the clock.
  • Fill out your Log Book and OJS Checklist while you’re on break or after work. Do it while your memory is still fresh.

The OJS Checklist: Documenting Performance Rides
It’s especially important to document your OJS rides because management may use those days to try to hold you to an inflated “demonstrated performance.”

The back of the log book has three OJS Checklists (the blue pages). Use the OJS Checklists to document driving and load conditions, changes to your load and route, and other factors that can affect your numbers.

Make note of unusual instructions from the supervisor—especially if they tell you to violate the methods or take improper shortcuts.

By using the OJS Checklist, you’ll have the records you need to protect yourself if UPS tries to use your OJS to hold you to an inflated “demonstrated performance” based on factors that are not representative of a typical day.

  pdf Download an OJS Checklist. (24 KB)