Proven tips from UPS Part-Timers on protecting yourself and defending your rights.

Get Your 3½ Hour Guarantee
Our union contract guarantees you 3½ hours of paid work every day. Don’t let management send you home early. That just gives the company an incentive to push everyone to work faster. Do your job at a reasonable pace that you can sustain. And get your 3½ hour guarantee.

Right to Union Representation
If you are called into a meeting with management, you have the right to have a shop steward present if the meeting could in any way lead to your being disciplined or affect your working conditions. You do not have to speak without a shop steward present. Read More

Work Now, Grieve Later
Stand up for yourself, but be smart about it. Failure to follow instructions and gross insubordination can lead to termination. Never tell a supervisor, “I won’t do that.” Work as directed and then ask for your shop steward.