Don't Be a Runner
The heat is always on drivers to work faster and faster. There are plenty of reasons why some package car drivers take shortcuts. But being a runner will burn you in the end. Read More

Protect Yourself from Harassment
The top 10 tips for protecting yourself from harassment. Read More

Don't Falsify Records

UPS is disciplining and even terminating drivers for “dishonesty” and “falsification of records” for shortcuts that management used to ignore. Here’s how to protect yourself and avoid the falsification trap. Read More

Management Can’t Discipline You for Your Numbers
What the contract says about UPS’s production numbers. Read More

Protect Yourself with a Logbook
Using Log Books & OJS Checklists to protect yourself from harassment. Read More

More Info on Log Books & Harassment
Get more tips on how to use the Package Driver Log Book and OJS Checklist to protect yourself from harassment and enforce the contract too. Read More

Your Rights on an OJS
Exercise your rights and work safe and smart on an OJS. Read More

Follow the Methods
Using the methods is the best way to protect yourself and work safely and at a sustainable pace. Download UPS’s official methods here. Read More

Enforcing Your 9.5 Rights
Local 804 members are getting on the 9.5 list, winning penalty pay and reducing unwanted overtime. Here’s how. Read More

What to Do if Your License Gets Suspended
Know what to do if your license gets suspended. Read More

Keep Your MVDC Accurate

UPS has been cracking down on drivers for failing to include accidents and violations on their MVDC forms. If you’re not sure if you have a ticket or a problem on your license, take these steps before you fill out your MVDC. Read More

Your Eight-Hour Guarantee and Seniority on Holidays
What to do to enforce your rights and get your guaranteed hours on a holiday. Read More

Your Rights When Getting a DOT Physical
You have the right to see your own doctor, not a company doctor, when you are getting your DOT physical. Know your rights and get information on free DOT physicals. Read More