Stewards are our union’s frontline for contract enforcement and processing grievances. Stewards keep members informed and uphold their rights.  Every Local 804 steward is a leader, communicator, educator and organizer.  Below are some links to resources, procedures and forms that can help to make you a more effective steward.

Shop Stewards Tips – Basic tips for handling disciplinary grievances and contract violations.

Stewards Rights Q & A – Get answers to FAQs from stewards on their rights. Written by labor attorney Robert Schwartz.

  pdf Grievance Form(2017) (417 KB) : Download and type or print a blank Grievance Form.

Using ‘Just Cause’ to Fight Unfair Discipline   – An overview on how to use the 7 principles of Just Cause to defend members and fight unfair discipline.

pdf Steward’s ‘Just Cause’ Checklist (116 KB) – A checklist to analyze management’s case to determine if they have proven Just Cause for discipline.

pdf Tips on Informally Resolving Potential Grievances (215 KB)

pdf The Art of Taking Notes (169 KB)

Using Information Requests to Win Grievances– Use information requests to make management turn over documents that will help you win grievances.

pdf Shop Steward Guidelines to Fight Supervisors from doing Bargaining Unit Work (486 KB) – Steward guidelines for making UPS pay for supervisors working violations.

Your Right to Use an IPAD for Grievance Handling – You’ve got the right to use an IPAD or electronic devices for grievance handling.

pdf Stewards Guide to Enforcing the UPS Contract (687 KB) : Download the stewards' guide put out by the International Union for enforcing the national contract.

Teamster Health and Safety Fact Sheets