Political Action 

Too many Americans are working harder for less. Laws are introduced daily to revoke worker and union rights. We must ensure that our voices are heard when important legislation concerning pensions, health benefits and minimum wages are debated. As the War on Workers rages on, we must unify and increase our strength by electing public officials who share our views and ensure they stand by their word after Election Day. Read More


Increasing union density in our industry strengthens our collective power to negotiate stronger contracts for all our members. It’s up to each of us to organize new members, from union officers to the the rank and file. Read More


Forming a union at your workplace gives you and your coworkers the power to stand up for your families, your futures and yourselves. Through a legal, binding contract it gives you a strong, collective voice with which to demand decent working conditions, with fair pay and benefits. Join


Retired from work, but not the union!  As active Local 804 members, our retirees worked tirelessly to secure the pensions needed to retire with dignity.  Retirees continue to have an important role to play in our efforts to honor and defend Local 804 members – both active and retired. Read More