Increasing union density in our industry strengthens our collective power to negotiate stronger contracts for all our members. It’s up to each of us to organize new members, from union officers to the the rank and file.

Through aggressive organizing, Teamsters continue to do what we do best: raising workers into the middle class.  Organizing new members into our union not only raises living standards for these workers, it also protects active members’ jobs, wages, and benefits.

As we mobilize to organize more union members, we need the help of our union brothers and sisters. Local 804 members make the best organizers because they know the difference that union membership has made in their lives and can best communicate it to non-union workers. Not only do volunteer organizers make a difference in the lives of other workers, they improve the lives of existing members. The larger the share of the beverage industry we represent, the more power we have to negotiate better contracts.

Speak to your Business Agent about volunteering to organize new members.