Fall 2023 President's Message

Congratulations, brothers and sisters. Together, we made UPS deliver the best contract in our union’s history.

UPS didn’t agree to a single improvement because they give a damn about you.

The company gave in to our demands for one reason only. They knew that we were ready to strike and ready to win.

You demonstrated your readiness and resolve for over a year in escalating actions—parking lot meetings, the contract unity pledge, ready to strike t-shirts, and contract rallies.

When we picketed in front of UPS with signs that said “Just Practicing for a Just Contract,” the company got the message.

UPS negotiators broke off talks at the beginning of July and told us they had nothing more to give. After nationwide practice picketing, they came back to the table singing a different tune.

I’m proud to have served on the National Negotiating Committee. But make no mistake: YOU made UPS deliver.

Making History

The new contract reverses 20 years of going backwards.

Under Hoffa, our International Union played go-along, get-along with UPS and members paid the price with part-time poverty wages and givebacks like two-tier 22.4.

Local 804 members played a leading role in winning new leadership and a new direction in our union. We took on Hoffa and his contract givebacks before it was easy or popular.

At the start of these contract negotiations, I said we wouldn’t have Hoffa to blame this time and it was up to us to put up or shut up.
You rose to the occasion and brought this multinational corporation to its knees.

Labor’s New Militancy

The UPS contract was our opportunity to set the tone for the future and that tone is firmly set.

The entire labor movement is better positioned to take on corporate greed at the bargaining table and in organizing drives.

As we go to press, 146,000 members in the United Auto Workers are in a contract campaign to reverse tiers and concessionary bargaining just like we did at UPS. Their fight is our fight.

Striking Teamsters at Amazon are extending their picket lines. We stand with them.

Enforce the Contract

The best contract in the world is not worth the paper it’s printed on if we don’t enforce it.

The new agreement includes tougher penalties and we will make UPS pay for violations on 9.5, supervisors working, and 8-hour requests.

Talk to your shop steward, business agent and fellow members and make sure you understand your rights old and new.

It’s your contract. You fought for it. You won it. Now make it yours every day.

One union. One goal.