How to Reach the 804 Health Fund During the COVID-19 Crisis

The 804 Health Fund Staff is working remotely. We are responding to all member calls and inquiries.

To reach the Health Fund, call 718-786-5410. Messages left at this number are sent to a mailbox. All call are retrieved and responded to by remote staff.

When leaving your message, please speak clearly and slowly.

If you would like a call back, you must:

  • include your phone number with your message

  • make sure that your voicemail box is not full.

Important: The return phone call from the Health Fund may be from a restricted number. If you are waiting for a response from the Health Fund, please answer any calls that your receive from an unlisted or restricted number.

The Fund is also responding to inquiries via fax at 718-786-6176.

Thank you for your patience. We will get through this together.