Beating Trumped Up Falsification

In a win against trumped up falsification charges, 22-year driver Morley Purvis won his job through the grievance panel—with three months full back-pay.


Beating Discipline and Enforcing Our Contract

Protecting members from unfair discipline and enforcing workers’ rights are what our union is all about.

Back to Work

UPS fired Prescott Solomon after accusing him of stealing time.

Don't Let the Company Short Your Pay

Rafael Ruiz, a Brush Ave. package driver, completed his progression. But his pay did not match his seniority. Management 
ignored the problem. So did his former BA.

Local 804 Protects Double Time Pay for Sunday Work

Pushed by Amazon and the explosion of e-Commerce, UPS will begin Sunday pick-up and delivery in January of next year.

Unity Pays Off at Elmsford

Steward Tony Norberto flashes grievance checks that were distributed among members at Elmsford for supervisors working violations.

Full-Time Jobs Returned to Melville

When management violated the contract by moving full-time 22.3 jobs from Melville to Nassau, Local 804 took action.

Uniting for Safety at UPS

Local 804 safety committee members met for a training to share strategies on standing up for members’ safety at work.

Protect Yourself on an OJS

Protect yourself when management gets on your truck, whether it’s a one-day production ride or a three-day OJS.

UPS General Wage Increase of 75 Cents Takes Effect Aug. 1

UPS Teamsters who have completed their progression will get a 75¢ wage increase on August 1.