Our Time Starts Now

It’s a new day in the Teamsters and a new day for labor in America. Every day more workers are standing up to corporate greed from Starbucks to Amazon.
Our time is now. Are you ready?

On August 1, Local 804 members will join a Teamster National Day of Action to launch our campaign to reverse contract givebacks at UPS and win the improvements we deserve.

Do you want every 22.4 driver become a Regular Package Car Driver with RPCD wages and full 9.5 rights?

Do you want to win a $20 an hour starting pay for part-timers with catch-up raises for current part-timers?

Do you want to win stronger contract protections against subcontracting, cameras, harassment and excessive overtime?

Then get ready to stand together because UPS management has never given us anything and they are not going to start now.

A case in point. For the second time in six months, UPS has blocked union proposals to raise your pension.

Our proposal for a pension increase was backed up by an actuarial study. The money is there. But UPS chooses to stonewall.

Save Now to Be Strike Ready

The clock is ticking. The national contract covering 340,000 Teamsters at UPS expires on July 31, 2023.

General President Sean O’Brien has already told UPS we will not work past the dead-line and we will hit the streets if necessary. If you think he’s joking, you’re mistaken.

We all need to get ready. The Local 804 Credit Union has established a special program to help you start saving now for a strike (Page 2). Sign up now. You’ll be glad you did.

Meeting the Amazon Challenge

While we are organizing to take on UPS and win a good contract, we are also stepping up to meet the Amazon challenge.

Local 804 members are signing up to be trained as Volunteer Organizers to talk with Amazon workers.

Our members have rallied, organized and phone banked with the Amazon Labor Union in Staten Island.

We took the fight to Albany and helped to pass the Ware-house Worker Protection Act.

Whether it’s corporate greed at UPS or at Amazon, our mantra is the same. United, we win.