On behalf of the entire Local 804 Executive Board and staff, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. 

On this Thanksgiving, I want to express my thanks to you, the members. I'm grateful for the unity and solidarity we are building together, and the strength we are restoring to our proud local.

Every Local 804 member has more than earned this day off with family and friends. Enjoy it! If you plan on having an adult beverage, have a designated driver. Protect your license and your job.

Remember, the day after Thanksgiving is also a contractual holiday in Local 804. Unless you work in the Air Operation, you cannot be forced to work. 

To celebrate the day after Thanksgiving, we are holding two events down at the union hall. 

Santa Claus, the original Teamster, will be taking pictures with kids from 11 am to 1pm.

Beginning at 12:30 pm, we'll be showing the Irishman, starring Al Pacino as Hoffa and Robert Deniro as the man who claims that he killed him. See a great movie and learn some Teamster history.

However you spend it, have a great holiday.

One Union. One Goal.

Vinnie Perrone