Drivers Rights

Here is a list of areas of dealing with UPS management and tips on how to deal with them. 



Don't Be a Runner UPS tries to harass drivers into working faster and faster. Don't let managements games turn you into a runner. Click here to find out how to work at a safe, sustainable pace. 


Follow the Methods UPS management is constantly sending mixed messages. Go faster! Work safe! Following the methods is a good way to avoid getting forced to work at a dangerous, unsustainable pace. Click here to read more.


Tips to Protect Yourself from Harassment Every driver experiences harassment from management. Click here on tips for dealing with it. 


Don't Fall for the Falsification Trap UPS is disciplining and even terminating drivers for “dishonesty” and “falsification of records” for flagging packages and entering the wrong information into the DIAD. This is happening across the country and arbitrators are ruling for the company. Click here for more info on how to deal with the Falsification Trap.


Your Rights on an OJS Supervisors try to infringe on your rights when they accompany you on OJS rides. Read what your rights are, and document your OJS to protect yourself from management.


How to Get On the 9.5 List Want to reduce forced excessive overtime? Here’s how to get on the 9.5 list.


What to Do if Your License Gets Suspended If you have a job that requires driving and your license gets suspended, you must inform the company as soon as you know. Read more about how to handle a suspended license here


Don't Jam Yourself Up on Your MVDC Drivers, don’t get jammed up by making a mistake on your MVDC. Click here to read more. 


Your Eight-Hour Guarantee and Seniority on Holidays Local 804 is one of the only Teamster Locals where package drivers cannot be forced to work a holiday. However, if the Air operation requires employees to work a holiday, after offering the work in seniority order, Air Drivers may be forced to work. Click here for an explanation of holiday work rules. 


Your Rights When Getting a DOT Physical As a Local 804 member, you have the right to see your own doctor when you are getting your DOT physical. Find out more about scheduling DOT Physicals here