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Essential Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Local 804 will be holding the Nominations for Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the June 2021 IBT Convention via Zoom video conference on Sunday, February 28 at 10 am. You must be an active member with Teamsters Local Union 804 to participate in the Zoom meeting.  

Note: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IBT Convention will be held online, not in-person in Las Vegas.

Click here to register to attend the Nominations Meeting. The Local will verify the member’s eligibility to attend. Once eligibility has been confirmed, the member will receive an email with a zoom invitation to join the meeting. Zoom invitations for any member will be limited to one electronic device only.

Members wishing to nominate, second, or accept nominations are strongly urged to submit nominations, seconds or nomination acceptances in writing. 

Notice Of Local Union Election Plan Submission Form
To All Members Of
Teamsters Local Union No. 804

The proposed Local Union Election Plan to nominate and elect delegates to the IBT Convention to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in June of 2021 was submitted to the Election Supervisor on September 30, 2020.

The Election Plan is available for review on-line under the “Delegate Elections” tab at  The complete Election Plan, including attachments, is available for inspection at the Local Union office at:


by any member of the Local Union, any candidate for International office, and by the International Union or any subordinate body.  Upon request, each of the foregoing has the right to obtain a copy of the Plan from the Local Union at no cost.  Inspection may be made during the usual hours of the Local Union office, which are:  Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Any interested Union member or body has the right to submit written comments to the Election Supervisor, with a copy to the Local Union, concerning the Local Union Plan within fifteen (15) days of the submission of the plan to the Election Supervisor.  Written comments should be addressed to:

Office of the Election Supervisor for the

International Brotherhood of Teamsters
1990 M Street N.W., Suite 650
Washington, D.C. 20036
844-428-8683 Toll Free

[email protected]

Knowing your Union Contract is key to enforcing your rights on the job. Every member is entitled to a printed copy, just ask your union representative!

Click here for the UPS National Master Agreement.

Click here for the Local 804 Supplemental Agreement.

Click here for a copy of the City Harvest Contract. 

Click here for the Corporate Coffee Contract.

Click here for access to the PAE contract.



Telehealth benefits allow you to consult with a healthcare professional without leaving your home.
UPS full-timers and retirees covered through the 804 Health Fund are eligible for  
UPS part-timers are covered through Teladoc.

Essential workers can make an appointment to be tested for COVID-19 at a New York State drive-through or walk-in testing site.  All Local 804 members qualify.

Call the COVID-19 Hotline at 1-888-364-3065 or make your appointment online at

The 804 Health Fund Staff is working remotely. We are responding to all member calls and inquiries.

To reach the Health Fund, call 718-786-5410. Messages left at this number are sent to a mailbox. All call are retrieved and responded to by remote staff.

When leaving your message, please speak clearly and slowly.

If you would like a call back, you must:

  • include your phone number with your message

  • make sure that your voicemail box is not full.

Important: The return phone call from the Health Fund may be from a restricted number. If you are waiting for a response from the Health Fund, please answer any calls that your receive from an unlisted or restricted number.

The Fund is also responding to inquiries via fax at 718-786-6176.

Thank you for your patience. We will get through this together.

Local 804 retirees and full-time UPSers on COBRA can now pay their premiums online via electronic ACH payments.

Click here for instructions and to view the official notice.

UPS Full-Timer’s health care and benefits come from the Local 804 Health & Welfare Fund. Find out more information.

UPS Part-Timers are covered by Teamcare. Find out more about your plan

If you want to get on the 9.5 list now, fill out the 9.5 Add/Cut Form and have your shop steward turn it into management. You will be added to the 9.5 list for the following week.

Once you are on the list, If you work more than 9.5 hours on three days in a week, talk with your shop steward to file a grievance for triple time pay for all hours worked over 9.5 in a day and to have your dispatch adjusted if necessary.

Who is Eligible for the 9.5 List? 

If there are any 22.4 drivers working in the center, then every Regular Package Car Driver is eligible to be on the 9.5 list.

If there are no 22.4 drivers working in the center, then Regular Package Car Drivers are eligible to get on the 9.5 list as long as: (1) the driver covers a route for a full week; (2) the driver bids or is assigned to cover a route for a full week but is prevented from completing that bid or assignment due to reassignment by management; or (3) the driver has four years of seniority as a full-time package driver.

22.4 Drivers are not eligible for the 9.5 list.

Union members have the right to union representation during any conversation with a supervisor or manager that could lead to discipline.

These rights have been upheld by the Supreme Court and they are known as Weingarten Rights. For UPS Teamsters, this means that you have the right to Union Representation when management is conducting any kind of investigation, be it into your numbers or an accident.

Make sure that your rights are respected by telling management “If this discussion could in any way lead to me being disciplined, terminated or affect my personal working conditions, I request that a union steward, business agent or union officer be present at this meeting."

Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions.” The remain silent. If your proceed your rights will be waived.

You have the right to go to a doctor of your choosing to get your DOT physical. Full-time drivers can get a free DOT physical by bringing this form to any CitiMD location. 

Injured on the job? Contact these attorneys for help.  

Retire 804 helps 804 members and their families make smart decisions that will set them up well for retirement.

Click here to find more details.

Guarantee Issue Permanent Life Insurance Labor Union Benefit Service, Inc.

Sales and Information: 609-712-1327

Claims, Service: 877-367-5827

Teamster Privilege offers many benefits, including credit cards and insurance discounts.

Click here to find out about other perks.

Morici and Morici offer legal services to Local 804 members.

Check them out here.

LECMPA offers insurance in the event that you suffer lost time because of suspension or termination.

Click here to read more.

It is very important that you obtain a withdrawal card from Local 804 when you will not be at your job for more than a calendar month. This includes FMLA, retirement, layoff, resignation, discharge, military leave, disability or workers' compensation. 

Getting a withdrawal card stops your liability for back dues until you are reinstated in your current job, or until you are hired at another Teamster job.

Local 804 is now processing withdrawal cards online. Apply for a Withdrawal Card.

If you are returning to work as a Teamster after submitting a withdrawal card, you must call Local 804 at 718-786-5700 or fill out this Return to Work Form.

Teamsters Joint Council 16 is offering free classes for CDL & tractor-trailer commercial driver’s licenses A or B.  To be eligible, members must be in good standing, have a valid driver’s license, a CDL tractor-trailer learner’s permit Class A and Class B with air brakes endorsement.

Road practice for tractor trailer and commercial are scheduled for every Saturday and Sunday at the Deer Park Railroad Station on Long Island

For more information call Joint Council 16 at 212-924-0002.

To register, download and fill out the  2018 registration form and fax or mail it as indicated. The 2019 form will be posted as soon as JC 16 makes it available. 

Applications are available for the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship.

In addition to the academic scholarship, the fund offers a Training and Vocational Scholarship.

For more information and to apply, click here.

The Ed Dougherty Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to High School seniors who are the son or daughter of an active, retired, disabled or deceased Local 804 member.

The Scholarship Fund was established to honor Ed “Doc” Dougherty, a Local 804 Executive Board member. In 1974, Doc Dougherty was killed when he was run over on a picket line during an 87-day strike against UPS.

Part one of the application is due no later than March 1, 2021.

Download the application here.