President’s Message

We are headed into the most consequential contract negotiations in our union’s history. Teamsters at UPS will be ready in Local 804 and across the country.

We kicked off our contract campaign with parking lot rallies across our local.

Nationwide, more than 100,000 Teamsters participated in the biggest contract kickoff in our union’s history.

My sincere thanks to every member who turned out. This is just the beginning.

We are building a contract campaign structure to carry us to victory—and it’s going to take all of us.

Every building will have a contract campaign coordinator and a Contract Action Team to inform, unite, and mobilize our membership.

We are looking for Contract Action Team (CAT) volunteers in every classification and every shift.

CAT volunteers will be responsible for sharing contract information, passing out leaflets, and helping to organize contract campaign actions.

Peak Season Action

Peak season means peak profits for UPS. The company made more than $11 billion last year.

Growing profits are supposed to mean growing prosperity—and at first glance it might look like that’s true. Over the last ten years, compensation for UPS workers has gone up by $10.1 billion.

Over the same ten years, UPS gave shareholders more than $50.5 billion in dividends and stock buybacks. This year alone, UPS plans to pass out another $8.2 billion to shareholders.

Teamsters at UPS are the ones who produce these profits. We’re the ones who are
essential to this company.

We move it and we can shut it down.

Step up. Get involved. Stay united—and save your money for next August 1.

One Union. One Goal.