President’s Message

2023 is here and Teamsters are going to make it a year to remember.

This is the year that we will reverse the contract givebacks of the past and win record improvements. Be ready to do your part.

Local 804 is already leading the way. We won a $300 pension increase that took effect on January 1.
This is our second pension increase in four years and as long as our pension fund is projected to be 85% funded, there will be a third increase in 2025. Our thirty-and-out pension is now $4,700 a month and is on track to be $5,000 in two years.

We didn’t have to use one ounce of our bargaining leverage during contract negotiations to win these

That’s what happens when our union is aggressive and the company sees that our members are sticking together.

UPS should expect a lot more of this winning formula in 2023, because the Teamsters are coming.

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