Summer 2023 President's Message

We Will Be Tested

The company knows that your Negotiating Committee is going to take a tough stand. Management will be testing the members to see where YOU stand.

UPS profits exploded during the pandemic. They made $13.1 billion in profits last year on more than $100 billion in revenue.

But now that it’s a contract year, they plead poverty. In a disgusting display of greed, they’ve laid off and displaced our members. Management’s goal is to divide us.

They will spread rumors. They will spread fear. They will gossip. They will lie. This issue of 804 News lays out the facts about UPS’s record profits and our record leverage. Get the facts and inform your brothers and sisters.

Our Strike Issues

We know what we’re fighting for and we know that we can win. We have made our strike issues crystal clear.

Wage increase for every Teamster: UPS is making record profits of more than $13 billion a year off your backs. Teamsters are coming for our fair share.

End Two-Tier 22.4: All package drivers must be RPCDs with the same wage scale and 9.5 rights.

Excessive Overtime: More 8-hour requests and stronger 9.5 rights.

Higher Part-Time Pay: We can win starting pay of $25 an hour and catch-up increases for current part-timers.

More Full-Time Jobs: Part-timers need more full-time job opportunities. Not everyone can go driving.

Subcontracting & Job Security: Protect good union jobs. No PVDs and no subcontracting of feeder work.

No Driver-Facing Cameras: We are drawing the line against harassment and invasive technology.

More Holidays: The Post Office has MLK Day as a paid holiday. So does Amazon. We are fighting for MLK Day and Juneteenth as paid holidays.

August 1 and We’re Done!

Our contract expires on July 31. We will not work on August 1 without an agreement.

If you have not started saving for a strike, now is the time.

Every member in good standing who participates in strike activity will receive strike pay of five times your monthly dues. If you pay $104 a month in dues, you will get $520 a week in strike pay. Minimum strike pay is $250 a week.

Your health benefits will be retroactive to August 1 as long as you have one punch in the month.

Our goal is to win the contract you deserve without a strike. Your job is to show UPS that we are united and ready to strike.

After a generation of givebacks, we are fighting back and we are going to win. It’s up to every one of us—and that means YOU—to help make that happen.

One union! One goal!