What Every Member Should Know

804 members know that UPS can be a very difficult employer. Below is a list of things that every member needs to know in order to defend themselves at work.



What to Do if You're Called into the Office Across our local, we’re seeing a rise in harassment from the company. Click here for some do’s and don’ts if you get called into the office.


What to Do if You're Injured on the Job Workplace injuries happen, especially at any employer as demanding as UPS. Click here to find out what to do if you get hurt at work. 


What to Do if You Have an Accident Accidents happen. Be prepared so that you avoid getting into unnecessary trouble. Click here to read more. 


What to Do if You're Leaving Your Job Make sure to follow these steps if you are leaving your job for any reason. 


You're Injured off the Job Off work injuries aren't handled in the same way as injuries at work. If you get hurt while you are not at work, get a Steward or Business Agent involved and follow these tips


What to Do if Your License Gets Suspended If you have a job that requires driving and your license gets suspended, you must inform the company as soon as you know. Read more about what to do if you lose your license.  


What to Do if You're Called in for a Drug Test Being told that you are going to be tested for alcohol and drugs can be a stressful situation. It is extremely important that you get a Shop Steward involved immediately. And follow these steps.


What to Do if You are Shorted on a Paycheck  You work hard for your pay. Don’t let management errors shortchange you. Click here for tips you can use to avoid getting shorted.