Winter 2023 President's Message

Contract Negotiations

Contract talks will begin on February 6 with negotiations on our Local 804 Supplement. National contract negotiations will begin on April 17.

Members have spoken out loud and clear on the issues UPS needs to address in our contract, including:

  • End Two-Tier 22.4: All package drivers must be RPCDs with the same wage scale and 9.5 rights.
  • Excessive Overtime: More 8-hour requests and stronger 9.5 rights, including automatic penalty pay and the right to return to the building after the third day out over 9.5.

  • Higher Part-Time Pay: We demand a major increase in starting pay and catch-up increases.

  • More Full-Time Jobs: Part-timers need more full-time job opportunities. Not everyone can go driving.

  • Subcontracting & Job Security: Protect good union jobs. No PVDs and no subcontracting of feeder work.

  • No Driver-Facing Cameras: We are drawing the line against harassment and invasive technology.

  • MLK Day as a Paid Holiday: The Post Office has MLK Day as a paid holiday. So does Amazon.

Contract Campaign

Local 804 officers and rank-and-file members will be at the bargaining table, but our real leverage will be built by informing, uniting, and mobilizing our membership where we work.

We will be organizing regular contract campaign actions to keep everyone informed about negotiations and to show the company that we are united on the issues and ready to strike if that’s what it takes.

We will hit the ground running with contract campaign actions in January and we will not stop.

2023 is the year we can make history by winning the best contract in our union’s history. Win a better future. Answer the call.